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Exclusive Delivery

ONTIME offers direct and time-definite delivery from point A to point B for more than urgent shipments (assembly line shutdowns, client presentations or repair parts) via passenger car, van and trucking services. All our vehicles are equipped with mobile phones, and our staff will proactively inform you about exact delivery time.


You can reach our special delivery hotline 24 hours a day.


Salzburg: +43-(0)6212-30333-11
Linz: Express +43(0)67688717748 bzw. +43(0)67688717749
Spezial +43(0)67688717743 bzw. +43(0)67688717745
Wien:Express +43(0)67688717732 bzw. +43(0)67688717728
Spezial +43(0)67688717733 bzw. +43(0)67688717730
Budapest: +36-1-456-0107
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