Where is my shipment?

A question that you’ll never ask us. If there’s any change in the delivery date, we will inform you proactively and on time. Because we don’t make our customers wait – either for us, or for important information.

How big and heavy is a shipment allowed to be?

Challenge us! We’ve already transported boxes over 30 meters in length and 6 meters wide, and delivered 65 tons of heavy “packages”. Whether feather-light or incredibly heavy, feathers or elephants – we transport almost everything to everywhere.

Which countries do you supply in Europe?

We’re active in 30 European countries every day – and know them all like the back of our hand. Just ask us about any destination, and we’ll make it possible. And: faster than you think.

Do you also deliver worldwide?

Our network spans the whole world: we work together with over 500 “local heroes” worldwide. Whether your shipment has to go to Alaska, the Vatican or Baghdad, we have the right partners and a lot of experience with all the challenges that might be associated with it (such as customs, permits, or safety measures). We’ll be happy to advise you in advance on the fastest and most cost-effective ways of getting your shipment to its destination.

What about shipments to exotic countries?

We love the day-to-day challenges our job entails, and “difficult” markets are right up our street. We’re passionate about finding solutions where others see problems, and we’re happy when we can demonstrate our know-how, our flexibility and our flair for what we do. No matter if it’s about sensitive products, high time pressure, unusual destinations or a tailor-made overall concept – we’ll do it for you!

Do you also do cross-border business?

Regardless of whether your company is at home in a crowded city or miles out ‘in the sticks’, we offer precisely tailored logistics as well lots of expertise where complex supply chains are concerned – and this cancels out any location-related disadvantages. We’re your ‘extended arm’ internationally, delivering your goods from production site to customer without you ever having to take the trouble.
For example, if the client is located in Austria and wishes to deliver to China, but the product itself is produced in Canada, we take over organization and processing without the product ever having to go to Austria at all. With our 3rd Party, 3rd Country direct transports, we take over communication with all participants and advise you competently and expertly about import regulations, customs duties, local regulations, etc. The supply chain is adapted to individual needs – and there’s just one contact involved. That way, we help you save valuable time and money.

Until what time can you pick up the delivery?

Anytime – regardless of whether it’s a weekend or midnight. We adapt to the requirements of our customers – after all, they’re busy enough as it is. We want to make your life easier and your business more successful.

How quickly can you provide a truck?

In 30 minutes, we’re there. Anywhere in Europe. All we need is the ‘go’ from you.

What are your transport times like?

We deliver precisely when the goods are needed. No sooner, and certainly never too late. That’s why we advise you in advance and adjust the transport route to your needs and requirements.

Until when are you available?

For you? Always! After office hours, our employees switch their phones to call forwarding and are thus active and available 24/7. Because we know that, sometimes, minutes really matter.

Who answers my transport requests?

With us you get clear, professional answers from experts: All inquiries are processed by trained and experienced transport professionals. We help you with all your concerns – it’s uncomplicated and personal, and we guarantee that there’s no technical jargon whatsoever.

What’s important to you when working with customers?

For us, it’s not just about getting deliveries from A to B as fast as possible – with our service, we want to help make our customers more successful with what they do. We see ourselves as an extended arm of our customers, so we always have their interests in mind – for example, when it comes to avoidable costs. Providing expert, solution-oriented and individual advice is a matter of course for us.

How many employees do you have?

We have enough people to handle orders of all sizes, and all over the world. And we make sure that we know all of them personally. Only a perfectly coordinated team can do what we do. And every single transport specialist from Ontime Logistics is passionate and totally dedicated. We can vouch for that one hundred percent!

What if I forget the customer number?

No problem – we know you personally. Like all our customers. A call or an email is enough, and we know what to do.

Is your forwarding company part of a group?

We’re an owner-managed and independent forwarding company. We are active all over the world, but our headquarters are in Austria. It’s precisely because we have such clear structures and all our employees know each other well that we work together perfectly, and make the impossible possible for you.

Where are your priorities?

We specialize in punctual deliveries worldwide. Whether you want to send a single screw or a large machine, an important envelope or a whole zoo anywhere: We advise and transport in an uncomplicated, professional and totally reliable way.

What is your mission?

To make your “Mission Impossible” possible is our passion. We optimize existing transport processes, we know how you can save costs, and are we’re on the spot instantly when things need to be done quickly. Our mission is to provide optimal service – and not sometimes, but all the time. It’s only when you are absolutely satisfied that we are as well.

How do you keep a check on your delivery quality?

Our quality management system is structured according to GDP guidelines (Good Distribution Practice). In addition to the objective criteria, emotional quality is also important to us. And in that regard we’re anything but modest: we want to be your favourite forwarder.