Complete solutions

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Because we know our customers well and know exactly what is important for their success, we also find just the right solutions. If a helicopter company contacts us, it’s clear that every single minute means a lot of cash – because if helicopters are forced to stay on the ground, things can quickly get very expensive for the company involved.

When a hard landing led to severe damage to the rear of a helicopter, we were on the spot immediately. Since the repair could only be carried out by the manufacturer in Canada, a crate of about 7 metres in length had to be delivered there as quickly as possible. As always, we immediately arranged for a quick and complete processing of the order.

We know how it’s done

But speed is not everything. International transports also frequently involve having to cleverly overcome bureaucratic barriers. In this case, for instance, the security check of the delivery using an X-ray machine was not possible, due to the size of the crate. With a lot of craftsmanship and a lot of negotiating skills, we were able to solve this problem on site and pass the security check. With a Boeing 747F, the cargo was finally flown to Vancouver.

We save you money
We were able to simplify customs procedures by applying for the ‘Temporary Use’ procedure. That way, we managed to save our customer from paying any customs duties – because we always have the costs incurred by our customers in mind at all times.

The helicopter is now back in action again. And we, too, continue to work hard each day to get your deliveries to their destination punctually, while saving you money at the same time.