Faster than Express

Posted by Katharina Hild

One of our customers owns a helicopter company, and if one of them fails to take off it results in unpleasant downtimes. This is why deliveries have to be particularly fast here. When an important engine part had to be shipped to the US for technical inspection, a quick solution was needed.
Express air freight? That was too slow for us! We decided on the fastest option: shipping with an on-board courier, who personally accompanies the delivery and ensures that everything takes place at maximum speed and with the utmost ease.

Our network spans the whole world

In no time we organized a courier and also brought in a partner to take care of customs formalities at the destination, so that no valuable time would be lost during import and export.

We make your problem our task

After completion of the repair work, the on-board courier collected the engine parts again and organized their journey back to Austria immediately. In this way we successfully kept the downtime and costs for our customer to a minimum and proved yet again that for us, “anything is possible”!