A shipment from a leading Austrian manufacturer of innovative medical equipment had to be transported safely to Baghdad for an Iraqi Ministry and from there to a depot – and the goods value of the seven pallets was over $2,600,000. We gladly accepted this challenge!

Since the security situation in Iraq – especially in and around Baghdad – remains tense, you need the right partners as well as strong nerves for an assignment like that. We have both.

We keep a constant eye on deliveries

The valuable shipment was transported by plane from Vienna via Dubai to Baghdad. There, our local partner took over immediately. The local team has a lot of experience with shipments in the region, and they were able to ensure that all formalities, such as customs clearance, were carried out quickly and smoothly.

From the airport, the pallets were then taken by truck directly to the Warehouse Kimadia of the Iraqi Ministry of Health. Since the delivery was accompanied by an armed security service, it reached its destination safely and on time. Once again, we kept our promise.