Sometimes the destination is the challenge, and sometimes it’s the size or the weight of a shipment. In this case, both were somewhat tricky: a German technology company entrusted us with a transport to Iran. The crates were up to 30 metres long and 6 metres wide.

We don’t leave you to battle bureaucracy on your own

To obtain the appropriate road permits, some bureaucracy had to be dealt with in advance. Because we take our promises seriously, we accompanied and advised our customers every step of the way. We gladly take advantage of our decades of experience with orders of this kind, and to ensure time and cost savings wherever possible.

We know all the tricks
High-precision work and several tricks were needed to get the goods out of the factory hall in the first place. Transport to the port of shipment in Hamburg then took a week. Due to the enormous size, transport was only possible after 8 pm, with the appropriate accompanying personnel and under supervision of the executive authorities. We were there all the time, of course, and kept our customers constantly informed about the state of affairs.

An Iranian state shipping company finally took the delivery to Bandar Abbas, where Iran’s largest port is located. Meanwhile, we’re already waiting for the next challenge.