Sometimes things have to go really fast – for example, when there’s a threat of production shutdown, with all the financial losses it could involve. That’s what happened to a customer from a company in Carwarp, Australia. He needed machine replacement parts – as fast as possible! Which is why we opted for the fastest transport option: an on-board courier. This means that the delivery is accompanied by a person who ensures maximum speed (such as the next possible flight of all available airlines on site).

3:00 pm – We’re punctual
Thanks to a Ontime special trip to Munich, the courier was handed the goods directly at the gate, within the agreed time window of 10 minutes. He immediately set off by plane for Melbourne – the capital of the Australian state of Victoria, where Carwarp is also located.

9:25 pm – We spare no effort
On arrival, the courier was able to convince the Australian authorities to have the goods declared directly at the gate, even though the value of the shipment was actually too high. Then the journey continued directly with a rental car – six hours across South Australia, in the middle of the night.

The next morning, 6:00 am – We’re there faster than you think
The courier handed over the important machine parts in the early morning, ensuring that the expensive production shutdown could be quickly ended.

Our team was kept informed about every step by our partners, online and in real time. Naturally our customers were also kept permanently in the picture via email – even on a public holiday. Because we’re always there for you.