For the artistic and cultural event “Höhenrausch”, which takes place regularly in Linz, a bell made by the famous Belgian artist Chris Martin had to be transported to Upper Austria. Its dimensions made it rather impractical for parcel shipping: The bell (including its transport stand and accessories) is around 5 x 6 x 6 metres in size and weighs almost 13 tons.

Nothing is too difficult for us

For our specialised team at the Sattledt location, this heavy shipment was no problem: we organized the transport with a tarpaulin trailer from Belgium to Linz. A 35-ton crane hoisted the enormous bell onto the truck. Since this required a great deal of manual dexterity and accuracy, the loading alone took eight hours.

We take care of the paperwork
Only two days later, the art object reached the Upper Austrian capital unscathed. Since our team had organized the necessary exemption certificates, the truck was not only allowed to drive through the city centre directly to its destination, but also remain there for the duration of the unloading (6 hours) – right on the largest shopping street in Linz.

Of course, the destination was not on the ground, but above the rooftops of Linz. Using a lifting crane, we were able to hoist the bell up to the roof of the Upper Austrian Cultural Quarter and install it at a height of approx. 25 metres. For the many onlookers this was a spectacular event – they watched the proceedings closely and cheered us on. Yet another challenge mastered by our special team.