The Swedish skier and reigning slalom vice world champion Frida Hansdotter is considered a Flachau specialist. At the night slalom in January 2017, she again won the first prize in the Women’s World Cup. In addition to her first-place trophy, Hansdotter was also presented with a portrait by the well-known Salzburg artist Jürgen Norbert “Fuxi” Fux.

We take reliable care of valuables
Since we’re not only well connected all over the world but also in our native Salzburg, our friend “Fuxi” contacted Ontime when the trophy and the painting had to be transported to Sweden. We know how to handle precious goods professionally and, of course, we were happy to ensure that the prizes safely reached the popular skier’s home country. They now occupy a place of honour in Frida Hansdotter’s gallery. We wish her continued success!

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