Ontime Logistics provides tailored logistics solutions for transport of temperature sensitive material such as perishables or pharmaceutical products.

Our know-how, efficient organization and reliable technology ensure an uninterrupted cold chain all the way to the final destination of your delivery. With Ontime Logistics, you can rely on complete documentation and proactive communication throughout the entire transport.

We are consistent
Whether on water, by road or in the air, pharmaceutical products – flawlessly documented – are transported by us according to the legal requirements (GDP, FDA and WHO-compliant). That goes especially for temperature-sensitive goods. Put us to the test!

We work with special sensitivity
Temperature-sensitive and time-critical? That’s nothing new to us. Anything that has to be sent at a certain temperature and with precision punctuality is in the right hands with us. That goes for preclinical research projects, study materials or other sensitive goods. We guarantee it!

We have a plan
For temperature-sensitive goods, not only the correct number of degrees is important – what’s most essential is that there is no interruption of the cooling chain. That’s why we’re equipped for all eventualities – and ensure consistent adherence to the required temperature. From start to finish.

We will be happy to advise you!

Our proven success ensures our continued growth and expansion in offering ever nearer unique Ontime service to our clients. Our qualified team is available for you daily, around the clock!


Whether we deliver small parcels or complete large project transports:
We have an individual solution for our clients’ usual and unusual requests – simple, professional, dependable!


A question that you’ll never ask us. If there’s any change in the delivery date, we will inform you proactively and on time. Because we don’t make our customers wait – either for us, or for important information.

Challenge us! We’ve already transported boxes over 30 meters in length and 6 meters wide, and delivered 65 tons of heavy “packages”. Whether feather-light or incredibly heavy, feathers or elephants – we transport almost everything to everywhere.

We’re active in 30 European countries every day – and know them all like the back of our hand. Just ask us about any destination, and we’ll make it possible. And: faster than you think.

Our network spans the whole world: we work together with over 500 “local heroes” worldwide. Whether your shipment has to go to Alaska, the Vatican or Baghdad, we have the right partners and a lot of experience with all the challenges that might be associated with it (such as customs, permits, or safety measures). We’ll be happy to advise you in advance on the fastest and most cost-effective ways of getting your shipment to its destination.