Mostly, things have to go as fast as possible when we handle deliveries. “By yesterday is best” is often the motto. We frequently get bring shipments to their destination within just a few hours. Sometimes, however, a lot of patience is required – as with this case: the transport of an asphalt plant from Tulln to Indonesia took three months.

Expert advice from A to Z

When our customer contacted us, we first created a detailed concept for the transport – naturally in coordination with all those involved and after a detailed on-site inspection of the plant in Tulln. With a lot of experience and know-how, we planned the ideal transport route for the asphalt plant.

Our offer was immediately accepted, and the request became an order. In the next step, we bypassed all bureaucratic obstacles for our client and obtained the necessary permits from the Federal Ministry of Defence. These were necessary because the Brumowski air base, a military airfield, was located on the neighbouring site in Langenlebarn. Only then were we allowed to organize the cranes for transport.

We have the necessary stamina

To dismantle the plant, Indonesian personnel arrived on a special trip. We then started loading the individual parts, which all had different sizes and weights and thus placed all kinds of different demands on our team. It took several exciting days until the last part could start its journey towards the seaport of Hamburg – and three months before the entire asphalt plant reached its destination in Indonesia. We never ran out of steam